Hi, my name is seenaeme who is an illustrator based in Seoul, S. Korea.

I have built my own unique characters that are comical yet, somewhat fun and mysterious. My characters exist in many different normal places we go every day; like a pool, a cafe, and even a playground. I challenge the viewers to engage their imagination into the situation in my drawings. Because I hope people to be able to find fun in their regular days by imagining seeing very unexpected characters, like a dolphin at the playground, and laugh about it.


SNS Omnibus stamp contest at apoco, Second award


SK Wyverns Player Group

Sport Art Gallery Incheon

Whatever comes Group

Neverland Artspace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Picture city x garage market Group

Oaah Agency Busan

Painting City 2 # City Country Declaration Group

Oaah Agency Seoul

Clash Royal 2v2 Mural Art Group

Supercell, Don’tPainc Seoul

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum Dongduchon Graffiti Group

Gyeonggi Museum Dongducheon

Bexco Art show Group

Kayoung Bexco Busan, haeundae

Busan Artpair 2017 Solor

Busan Cultural Foundation Yeungdo

HKwall Festival Group

HKwall Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong

Seenaeme First Solo exhibition Solo

Gallery aHsh seoul, Itaewon

달려라 피아노 거리미술전 Group

Coex Central Park Seoul, Jamsil


Busan Cultural Foundation, Gyeonggi Museum, De Correspondent, Supercell, Don't Panic, Oaah Agency, Agnet89, Axooagency, Hukez Records, Kayaung